IMDB Resume’

Movie Resume 2010

Commercial Resume 2010


Dance Flick


Blonde Ambition

My Mom’s New Boyfriend (Homeland Security)

Malibu’s Most Wanted

Old School


Big Momma’s House 2

Office Space

Too Legit The MC Hammer Story

Independence Day

Steal Big Steal Little

Star Trek 2009

Star Gate

Arlington Road

Universal Soldier

Apollo 13

Royal Purple

Martini Lighting teamed up with Media Motion and Lynn Parsons for a client who makes a synthetic oil for High performance engines like the ones seen in PINKS ALL OUT 1/4 mile drag race event Troy Webb gaffed last fall at the Houston Raceway Park. The product video will make Royal Purple’s website as well as the SCHOOL of AUTOMOBILE MACHINISTS


AJ Foyt Racing uses Craftsmen Tools

Martini Lighting was there!


My partner Todd’s wife Melissa who provides tax preparation for Martini Lighting recommended earlier this year that we shift to Quickbooks Online to reduce error and provide record keeping and invoicing efficiency online. I like that the data is on their server and can be accessed anywhere I travel. Plus now I can build a more thorough database! It is cheaper to pay monthly than to buy the disc and install it and you could lose it all on a system crash!

3 Films in Shreveport ended the 2006 year. Troy Rigged MORE THAN YOU KNOW, CLEANER & BLONDE AMBITION for New Image Pictures. While Martini Lighting Package #1 lit Waste Management studio projects for Texas Video & Post. The Van Package was also born an the contents are on this site!

We also started this blog for Martini so that comments could be posted as well as a new venue to promote its assets! go to

Two TV pilots in Hollywood got things going for Troy Webb & MARTINI LIGHTING in the 2nd quarter…The Worst Week of My Life” & Pink Collar, for Regency Television Productions and Offer Only Productions.

Uber Content has continued with Reliant Energy spots with “Tom from Reliant” this will be my 6th project with Director Jordan and DP Jeanne Lipsey! No wasted energy with WWW.MARTINILIGHTING.NET

Lieberman Productions came for Olympic Diver Laura Wilkinson up in the Woodlands at the Woodlands Aquatic center where she trains with her coach. The Judges gave MARTINI LIGHTING a 10!

When 808 Inc. needed to get Café Express’ menus in the can, MARTINI LIGHTING provided the entrees!

Nick Lampson-D for Texas Representative was Gaffed for Murphy, Putnam & Schorr. MARTINI LIGHTING was elected to provide gear and he’ll need it.

Do Diligence shot 3 days here for a Corporate image spot with me and my gear and there is no doubt who saved the show, MARTINI LIGHTING!

Lynn Birdwell relied on Troy and MARTINI LIGHTING! to help Golden Cap Cider shoot at Space Center Houston!

Jim Barham and Troy Webb have worked together for many years and had a compound interest in a Sterling Bank Commercial with Ghost Ranch Films using MARTINI LIGHTING!

Raul Casares has implemented me into his ring on his shoots with VT2 The Ringer was MARTINI LIGHTING. Dallas Baker and Freed Advertising has the account with Mike Calvert Toyota and Dan Blust won’t roll camera with out Troy or MARTINI LIGHTING.

Billy Daniels knew he couldn’t Shoot the independent “QUEENPIN” without MARTINI LIGHTING or he would suffer the consequences!

Marty Peltz at Texas Video and Post called MARTINI LIGHTING to light 12 shows that enhance their corporate information.

Heavy Bag Media, France Productions and MARTINI LIGHTING have completed the fourth and final year servicing Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. on the Arthritis Huddle with Joe Namath Mobic tour. I lit and operated one of three cameras on these events since summer 2002 .

Troy D. Webb has the resume with 50+ Feature films, TV Movies, Shorts, and Episodic TV, 20 Yibs (years in the biz). . With the advent of HD technology, Video and Film production are merging. Not having enough experience in the latter stunts a Gaffer’s ability to provide the lighting answers to DP’s who want a film look on Video and that’s where I can save you time and money. My Business is designed to meet these needs. Please call me @ 281 652 6164

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